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Montana de Oro | Family Session

A recent bride asked why I had changed my blog layout. From the single post to a table format …. She reallyView full post »

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Finally I Do

This past weekend I was part of something very special. My friend Jazmyn ran a “contest” to find a deservingView full post »

Smile, touch and love

When I first met these lovebirds, I was impressed by how down to earth they were …. for creative types. She is anView full post »

A match made in heaven | Jess & Jason

I always feel odd about answering certain questions regrading “me”. The biggest? The “style”View full post »

Arroyo Grande Wedding

Vanessa & Blake | Two sweet love birds

These two … The story goes that their lives crossed over a game of clue. Innocent enough. What can possibly happenView full post »

San Luis Obispo Weddings

The Wedding day | Time to make a difference

You have been asked to be part of the wedding party … Woo hoo! Lucky you. You’re most likely feeling honoredView full post »

San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

Shell Beach Wedding | Love is forever

A lot can be said about love. The poets go crazy describing it using all kinds of metaphors and other various figures ofView full post »

Planning on Harmony

Harmony … It’s an itty bitty town along the Central coast of California. Just north of the sprawlingView full post »

San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographers

Weddings | Significance is what matters!

It’s about time I changed my About Me page … I’ve written this in my mind a hundred times. I don’View full post »

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